Sir, You Are Being Hunted is a pretty rad way to get hunted by robots so far

After hiatus, and with few representations of the frequency or quality of my updates, I feel like writing here on Futile Position. If you still check occasionally or just stumbled here, well, thanks, either way. In any case, I grabbed Sir, You Are Being Hunted off of Steam since it was on sale for $9.99 (half off) and I had been curious about the game since I frequent Rock, Paper, Shotgun and the team behind the game (Big Robot) includes one of the RPS staffers. In any case, my impressions, thus far, are overwhelmingly positive. I’ve not spent a ton of time with the game, but I get the gist: You are hunting a series of five randomly-generated islands for pieces of some whutzit that you need to get home. Problem: You are being hunted by gentleman robots. You can only save when you are in very limited locations. So, I was feeling pretty good and thinking, “Well, this seems pretty easy.” Until I started getting hungry. And then I was carrying two pieces of my whutzit (not the official name) and it seemed like – suddenly – the world was alive with robots. It was a tense crawl back to the standing stones, which was being watched by a hot air balloon with a spotlight. Luckily I managed to drop off the pieces I was carrying and save the game. And breathe again. I didn’t realize until I quit that I had forgot to do that. Which is promising, for sure. I’m looking forward to exploring the game more than my very brief go with it. I don’t think I would regret my purchase even if I had grabbed Sir, You Are Being Hunted for full price so I am doubly pleased with myself right now.

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23. October 2013 by Michael
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