Primeval Thule from Sasquatch Game Studio is a new swords-and-sorcery setting for 4e, 13th Age, and Pathfinder

I’m always interested in interesting-sounding roleplaying game settings. While I have a tendency to make settings my own in play, it’s always great to see a fully-fleshed-out setting that can serve as an inspiration for your games that might lead you to make some story or world-building decisions you might not otherwise make, or provide a basis for your adventures in itself. Sasquatch Game Studio is currently Kickstarting an intriguing RPG setting called Primeval Thule, a barbaric, swords and sorcery world.

In fact, Howard’s Conan the Barbarian is listed first among the influence for the game (along with Lovecraft’s work and Edgar Rice Burroughs). According the Kickstarter page “This is a world of barbarian freebooters and dark magic, star-spawned monstrosities and elder gods, fabulous treasures and mind-blasting terror.” It’s a world where the PCs are not driven by being handed a quest but either because they want something or because they need it. It’s also meant to be episodic in nature, again playing to the strengths of its source material. The book itself will be 224 pages and will come in 4e D&D, Pathfinder, and 13th Age flavors. A complete set of the PDFs for one of the systems is $40 (there’s a Player’s Guide and Traveler’s Guide – Additional rulesets are $15 each more) or each individual PDF is $25. A full copy of the book (in actual, paper form) is $60.

For those looking for a new swords-and-sorcery campaign setting to check out, Primeval Thule is Kickstarting until August 1, 2013. There is also quite a bit of additional information about the setting available from the Sasquatch Game Studio official web page.

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08. July 2013 by Michael
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