Vast & Starlit and Witch House, East Coast – Epidiah Ravachol’s roleplaying games that you buy with more than money

I had somehow missed that back in March of this year, Epidiah Ravachol released information on how to get his nano-RPG Vast & Starlit. You may have missed it, too, and that’s a shame because the way he is doing it is, well, it’s interesting. The main game of Vast & Starlit is only 445 words long and contains a game of “interstellar crime & rebellion.” Ravachol has also has three supplements (each coming in at 460 words or fewer) covering topics such as commanding troops, interstellar travel, aliens, rules for alien technology creations, and more. It sounds like a neat package for a game totaling fewer than 2000 words.

So how do you buy it? Well, that’s the trick, isn’t it? If you run into Mr. Ravachol on the street you can just give him a dollar each for the game and its supplements. Except, let’s say – like most of humanity – you don’t live particularly near Massachusetts. Also, I have no idea what he looks like, so that’s another complication. So let’s say you don’t want to take a plane to hand him a few dollars (as epic as that story would be). Well, he’ll ship you copy if you send him a dollar for each book plus a drawing the topic of which is determined by which book or books you are requesting. Your art, then, may appear in future supplements for Vast & Starlit. How did I miss this? I intend to begin drawing forthwith! Further (and more recently), you can also get Ben Lehman’s (Bliss Stage, Clover) lasted game Witch House, East Coast which is available for the same price ($1) plus a representation of something you are afraid of. I mean, it’s not just me, right? This is great stuff. More information is available on Ravachol’s Dig 1000 Holes. I’ll let you know what I think once I order my copies.

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14. June 2013 by Michael
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