Skullduggery – A narrative game about evil masterminds from Level 99 Games and John Parmalee on Kickstarter

Skullduggery (currently on Kickstarter) is a competitive narrative game from designer John Parmalee and D. Brad Talton, Jr.’s Level 99 Games (BattleCon, Pixel Tactics). Each player takes the role of a super villain who has to build his or her plot piece-by-piece while trying to thwart the plots of their various competitors. The rulebook will be right around 100 pages and will detail the system, which does not require a gamemaster, in which the players compete over control of the narrative as they try to put their master plan into action.

Something I am a huge fan of is people who are Kickstarting a game who offer a demo of the game (if possible) in order to give you a feel for what it is like. The great news is that Parmalee and Talton have done just that, offering up a print-and-play Skullduggery demo. From my review of the demo, it appears that the game – as described – is predominately narrative. Each player, on their turn, will describe what their villain does and what effect it has on the world. No rolling necessary. If the other players contest that the action is even possible (if it is possible, it happens) then a vote is taken, but even on a vote against the action there is still a chance that the impossible occurs so long as all of the other players didn’t think it was impossible. I could see some pretty unique tone-setting occurring in this manner, with what players thought was impossible in one game being de rigour in the next. The goals being attempted by each character must be possible (although not necessarily likely to ever occur) and must be in line with the theme of the game, but otherwise it appears that the sky is the limit. Once you achieve that goal, you win the game. Skullduggery involves, from what I have read, a fair amount of table voting to keep everyone honest and I’d certainly love to give it a go sometime. If you’d like more information, you can check out the Skullduggery Kickstarter campaign or the aforementioned print-and-play version, which includes a ruleset that does a good job at explaining exactly how the system is played? You want more? You can always watch the demo video below:

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24. June 2013 by Michael
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