Shaintar: Legends Unleashed from Sean Patrick Fannon unleashes Heroic and Legendary tier play for the Savage Worlds setting

Sean Patrick Fannon’s Shaintar setting has, it seems, been in development as a world for some 36 years according to its Kickstarter page. In fact, you may have already heard of the setting, as Fannon has previously released the first book for the high fantasy Savage Worlds setting called Shaintar: Legends Arise (which is available on a pay-what-you-want basis from DriveThruRPG with the full version, including GM information, available for $19.99). However, Fannon is now looking to fund a new book to expand his savage setting which is described on the Evil Beagle Games web site as “At once familiar and alien, you will come to know it as a place you understand completely, while still being perplexed and dazzled by its mysteries.” 

While Shaintar: Legends Arise covered Novice and Veteran play in Savage Worlds (reminding me some of the old Basic Set in spirit), Shaintar: Legends Unleashed will cover the upper, Heroic and Legendary Tiers. Shaintar: Legends Unleashed will include new edges, including Heroic and Legendary Edges, setting information, gear, and rules for mass battles as well as of world-altering ‘High Magic’, a new system of powerful magic layered on top of the existing systems that promises great power for those willing to pay the costs to use it. Stretch goals for the campaign include a number of new guidebooks details locations in the Shaintar world and bonus goal including a new book to be co-developed by Ed Greenwood. If you’d like more information about the Kickstarter campaign and Shaintar: Legends Unleashed, well, you can always head over there.

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26. June 2013 by Michael
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