Fate Core and Fate Accelerated open licenses. What would you like to see done with it?

Fate Core. Evil Hat Kickstarter.You may have seen a few days back that Evil Hat has officially released Fate Core and Fate Accelerated Edition (FAE) into the wild under both the Open Gaming License and CC-BY. The open license also includes a “Powered by Fate” logo as well as the action glyphs used in the games. All of this begs the question: What would you like to see released now that Fate Core and FAE are out in the wild?

The complaint about d20, likely the most famous open source tabletop roleplaying game ever made, was that it was hard to sort out the good stuff from the bad. Still, I have to feel like the ability of creative people to get over the initial hurdle by adopting Fate Core or FAE as their central system and then building off of it. The key words there are ‘building off of it’. I want to see people use Fate Core and FAE in interesting ways and to actually adapt the mechanics to their setting either by adding new mechanics or streamlining the existing rules in interesting ways. What I do not want to see is a bunch of people republish the enter Fate Core SRD with a few new words and a setting attached to it. Of course, those things will happen, but I think that the Fate Core and FAE framework can probably be altered in some interesting ways to create some unique games that are not just the base system with a new setting slapped on top of it. Maybe you’ve got ideas? You can take a look at the Fate Core and FAE SRDs or get the formatted PDFs on a pay-what-you-want basis. We need people evolving the rules, not just adapting them. I’d love to hear your thoughts down in the comments.

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17. June 2013 by Michael
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