A Dungeon World Artifact: The Eye of Xaxxoz

In a recent game of Dungeon World that I am running, the players managed to slay a world-bending chaos fiend from a different realm. The creature was a a huge, amorphous black blob with shifting tentacles and an eye in the middle of it which was subconsciously inspired, I think, by Shuma-Gorath who, while not identical, certainly shares a lot in common with the creature. In any case, after the players destroyed the chaos fiend, its eye – roughly the size of a cantaloupe – still lived. The players disagreed as to whether the thing should be destroyed once and for all but the group thief snatched it away from under the fighter’s hammer and placed the chaos eye in a bag. Here is my write-up for that eye:

The Eye of Xaxxoz

 The eyeball was retrieved from a felled chaos beast. A creature of pure entropy made physical. It is now carried in a plain looking bag, a token of victory from a hard-fought battle. But it still sees. And it still whispers. It promises power, wealth, glory. It says it has the answers to all of your problems if only you would ask it. It only wants to talk…
Roll 2d6 + WIS. On a 10+, you may ask the Eye of Xaxxoz any one question. It will attempt to answer it honestly and truthfully, to the best of its abilities, which are vast. On a 7 through 9, you choose two:
             It does not drag something into your realm from the chaotic abyss that lies beyond
             It does not lash out at your mind, dealing d10+1 damage (no armor)
             It answers your question with two lies and a truth
As always, what happens on a 6 or less is left to the imagination. I want the Eye to be dangerous. It grants a magical power that uses up some of the power traditionally left to the Wizard but using it is dangerous, especially since the Thief, who has low HP, is the one using it in this case. On a 7 through 9 you can avoid damage entirely but it will not tell you anything or you can have something awful happen but you are either going to hurt yourself or bring suffering to your party. I am still unsure about the amount of damage. It will not be doing the damage all that often, so I wanted the character to feel it (or – at least – be at risk for feeling it) and I felt like the d10+1 was a decent amount of risk without just outright killing the PC.
I’d love to hear your thoughts down in the comments or, if you’re not there already, you can always head back to my home page.
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08. June 2013 by Michael
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