The nerves of running an RPG after years away

Tomorrow night I am running the first roleplaying game I have run in several years. I ran a Legends of Anglerre (Fate) based game about three years ago for a group of three guys. It went pretty well, a nice old D&D vibe, but we couldn’t make schedules work so the games fell off. I had a similar thing happen about two years before that after running a 4e D&D game. Although, prior to that, I had been a GM most of my life, I had not really run a game for maybe five or six years. Moving away from home after college left me distanced from my group of high school friends with whom I had gamed previously and I never quite managed to get anything steady going after that (although I did play in a brief Call of Cthulhu d20 campaign in there somewhere).

Now, after nearly a decade away (with a couple of exceptions) I am stepping back to run a game again. It’s a fun feeling. I’ve missed it, although I’m not quite sure I’ve ever been particularly good at it. I’m running Dungeon World for a group with a ton of collective RPG experience. The plus is that the people I’m running for are pros, which means that they can help shoulder the burden. It also means that there’s some stress there to step up my game. The possibility that things could go horribly awry is part of the fun. They could go off in a direction that I never expected. They almost certainly will since I have basically nothing prepared. A list of names. A thought as to some enemies and traps they might come across. A dungeon that I printed off of the invaluable Dave’s Mapper. And just over a single page of hand-scrawled notes (mostly the aforementioned names). Dungeon World encourages that kind of by-the-seat-of-your-pants play, however, so I think I will be okay (I’ve also had some experience playing Apocalypse World, which should help matters, and by Dungeon World standards I have probably over thought things).In any case, the jitters of stepping back behind the metaphorical screen are there. I’m sure I’ll check back tomorrow with how things go. 

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29. May 2013 by Michael
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