First time running Dungeon World – I’ll call it a success

Dungeon WorldSo, last night I had my first opportunity to run Sage LaTorra and Adam Koebel’s Dungeon World. My first impression was that it is really everything that I could ever want from an old-school D&D inspired game. I really concentrated my energy on trying to make the world evocative and interesting even though the adventure was a straight-up dungeon crawl into an orc warren. I had a map printed out and a few notes, along with the thought to possibly use an orc shaman type summoning a lesser fire elemental is the climax, but not a whole lot other than that. Still, the game moved along at a nice clip and all of the players seemed very involved in combat. We got through about six different combats including one with a massive orc by the name of Arog who caused some serious damage before finally being taken down and an early attack by a tiger like creature following a failed roll by the party’s thief when trying to sneak around to surprise the orc’s at the entrance. I used two traps, one of which was set off and the other of which was found and disarmed by the thief. Best of all, arguably, one of the party members – the Paladin – died at the end of the final combat after killing the orc warlord who had been summoning the fire elemental (which was never summoned because the Wizard made him afraid of it causing him to throw it, hence filling the room was the out-of-control elemental being, only half-moored to that world).

I did miss a few rules, mostly related to tags. I handled thrown weapons like other ammo weapons for Volley (this didn’t seem to affect anything, but you are supposed to lose thrown weapons no matter what when you throw them) and forgot to make those in clumsy armor take -1 forward (I have actually been informed that we were actually good on this, so that’s one less thing to worry about), gave out way too much money at the outset (and not much from thereon), but – overall – we hit very few rule snags and the game flowed very smoothly (it likely helped that we previously played Apocalypse World, so the group was not entirely new to the system).

So I feel like things went great. What I am not sure of is how things will go from here. Will I be able to keep the momentum going forward now that the players are given a modicum of free will? I am working on drawing up my Fronts now and I may share some thoughts on how I’m designing those pretty soon.

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31. May 2013 by Michael
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