Young Avengers #2 Review

Young Avengers #2Young Avengers #2 Review Short Version: A recap: Wiccan felt bad that Hulkling was bummed about his mom being dead so he got an alternate dimension version of her. At least that was the plan. It went poorly. Things continue to go poorly for the couple throughout Young Avengers #2, which mainly focuses on the pair and Loki. It’s a very good read.

Young Avengers #2 Writer: Kieron Gillen

Young Avengers #2 Artist: Jamie McKelvie

Young Avengers #2 Review

Young Avengers #2 starts off in a rather delightful fashion: With a recap of the first issue in the form of a “yamblr” update, a sort of tumblr for teenage superheroes and those that microblog about them, I suppose. In any case, the story proper moves quite quickly in Young Avengers #2. After the first issue went around introducing everyone, all of the characters but Wiccan, Hulkling and – eventually – Loki are discarded for the issue. That’s fine, in my estimation. This story is – right now – about Wiccan and Hulkling and their relationship, so it makes sense to use the issue to build around that. As the pair work to right the damage caused by Wiccan’s dimension-meddling, they find out that things are, perhaps, more dire than they appeared at first. Gillen’s dialogue is great (Young Loki is particularly fantastic) and McKelvie does a fantastic job as well, especially having fun with panels on one particular page. In any case, as the issue winds down it turns out that Hulkling may not be the only with parent issues as the dimension hopping continues. It’s another very good issue as the problems keep piling on to the Young Avengers.

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