THON – A 28mm tactical sci-fi miniatures game

Thon Game Box ArtTHON from J.R. Vosovic is on Kickstarter right now. 

If there is one thing that you cannot say Kickstarter lacks it is an abundance of interesting-looking concepts for miniatures based games. One of the newest forays into that field is THON from J.R. Vosovic. THON is a 28mm (Warhammer scale, I believe) miniatures war game with all of the plastic, assembly-required game models that the hobby is known for. And, if you check out the Kickstarter link, I am especially partial to the Fireborn model. A copy of THON itself runs $90 through the Kickstarter by default and includes skirmish armies for both the “Sons of Ord and the Thonian Alliance” and includes, unless my counting skills fail me completely, some 35 plastic models along with the rulebooks, rulers and dice you will need to play. The stretch goals include, as you would expect, new figures including an already-unlocked Kickstarter exclusive figure (only included in certain tiers, from the look of it) and a nearly-unlocked addition of two new figures (one sculpt) to those that buy the core game, generally. From my review, it looks like the gameplay demonstration was buried in the Updates section (although it may well make it onto the main campaign page at some point), but here’s a direct link with some more information about one of the game’s units. If you would like more information on THON, you can always check out the Kickstarter page or go to the official Web page, which also has some additional information.

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04. March 2013 by Michael
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