The Spark Roleplaying Game – A storytelling RPG about beliefs from Jason Pitre

Spark RPGThe Spark Roleplaying Game is on Kickstarter now.

Watching the expansion of the roleplaying game industry over the past several years has been fascinating. As people have begun to explore exactly what a storytelling game can tell stories about I have never ceased to be amazed by the ideas that people have. Jason Pitre and Genesis of Legends publishing have such an intriguing idea in Spark, a storytelling game all about beliefs. Each of the individuals in the story has their own set of Beliefs, a set of declarations. The system of the game, from what I can tell, seems to be about challenging the beliefs of those characters in order to gain ‘Influence’ and win ‘Conflicts.’ Characters have both Attributes (listed in the video as Body, Mind, Heart and Spark) that determine how likely they are to win a conflict as well as Talents that define what the characters are capable of. Spark has three playable settings (science fiction, fantasy and modern) and a digital copy is $10 through the Kickstarter, where you can also find additional information.

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