Star Wars #3 Comic Book Review – Dark Horse, Brian Wood, Carlos D’Anda

Star Wars 3Star Wars #3 Review Short Version: Brian Wood’s Star Wars continues to be the best thing I have read in the much-beleaguered sci-fantasy universe for some time (mind you, I’ve not read everything). Wood has his own take on the characters that provide them with motivations that make sense while still holding true to their core.

Star Wars #3 Writer: Brian Wood

Star Wars #3 Artist: Carlos D’Anda

Star Wars #3 Review

Man, Carlos D’Anda’s art is great throughout Star Wars #3, but I can’t say enough about how much he nails the space scenes. All the cool blues, the sense of scale, it really adds a lot to the book. Still, we’re grounded for the bulk of this issue as Wood goes about laying groundwork for some of the characters. He gives Luke a sense of cockiness that is eluded to in the original trilogy but, in my opinion, never really comes off. Wood’s Luke on the other hand is a young kid that became a hero and maybe, just maybe, it has gone to his head a little. The real star of the show here, however, is Leia who is the leader of the Rebel’s covert mission. She is a leader that has to make hard choices in order to win a war. Star Wars #3 is another great issue from Wood, D’Anda and Dark Horse Comics.

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