High Ways #3 (of 4) Review – A few answers but more questions

High Ways 3High Ways #3 Review: This is another great issue from John Byrne. However, as we head into the last issue I wonder if there is enough time to do anything satisfying with the series. Not that Byrne has given me any reason to believe that it won’t be, as the series has been uniformly excellent to this point, but the four issue mini-series can be tough. Still, on its own this is a great issue in the intriguing traditional science fiction story.

High Ways #3 Writer: John Byrne

High Ways #3 Artist: Leonard O’Grady

High Ways #3 Review

John Byrne wastes no time answering some of the questions raised in the first two issues of The High Ways. The secret of the man walking in space and the outcome of the crew’s current predicament are both resolved fairly quickly. It’s great, well-paced story telling. Things are moving quickly as the series moves towards its resolution with the next issue. The dialogue flows smoothly and the plot is constantly moving forward. As it should be. Time is short. It is meant as the greatest compliment that I wish the series was two issues longer to breathe. To get to know the characters a little better and explore the world of The High Ways a little more. But it is also a testament to how written The High Ways is that I have never felt the plot was rushed even when it was moving quickly. Part of this is that The High Ways relies on a lot of dialogue for exposition. I’m looking forward to seeing how things end in issue four. In the meantime, The High Ways #3 is another great issue in the miniseries.

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