Fables #126 Review

Fables 126Fables #126 Review Short Version: Fables feels big again with Fables #126. There are several storylines being juggled in a way that I feel like has been missing for a while and it’s great to see it back. Interestingly, while Bigby and Stinky appear on the cover they are nowhere to be found once you are inside the book. But, after the issue, we have three plots moving forward and I expect a lot of interesting developments for Fabletown.

Fables #126 Writer: Bill Willingham

Fables #126 Artist: Mark Buckingham

Fables #126 Review

I have a really bad feeling about Brandish. Sometimes it seems like the status quo has gotten too comfortable in Fabletown and then a storm comes and destroys it completely. Brandish feels like such a character. He has utter confidence in his abilities and, the way Willingham writes him, I have a suspicion that his confidence may be justified. It adds an air of unpredictability, a character that is appears to have a complete disregard for those around him. Of course, Bigby is still off on his own journey, although we don’t check in on him. Instead, we also start a plot regarding Beast and his meeting with the Blue Fairy wherein he hatches a plot involving Geppetto, the man that would be emperor, that I am also duly intrigued by. Now that it looks like the plots for the Snow White arc are in full motion, I can’t wait to see where it goes next. I fully expect that Brandish, for better or worse (probably the latter) will bring change to Fabletown.

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04. March 2013 by Michael
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