Civitas – An indie city building simulation game from G.R.M.

CivitasCivitas is on Kickstarter right now.

For me, the largest problem with SimCity launch is not how it went. Rather, the problem is that I have never found a viable alternative in the city building game genre. To be sure, there are some great base building games and even several great simulation games (the Anno series and Tropico spring quickly to mind here), however I have never found a city building game that scratched quite the same itch as SimCity.

Now, my eyes turn to Brandon Smith of G.R.M., makers of Civitas. Built to be an “open ended, community driven, highly moddable city building game,” Civitas will allow players to play either in singleplayer mode or online with other players (imagine being able to make such a choice!) to create a larger region with shared resources and transplant citizens. Civitas‘ city building gameplay will be built on a ‘permits’ system that lets you zone land so that you control not only the type of building that can be built there (residential, commercial, industrial, for example) but you can also declare that only certain kinds of buildings in that classification can be built (the example given is limiting a residential zone to nice houses). Also promised: curved roads, public transportation and natural disasters among other things. For those, like me, who are holding out for a true successor to SimCity, Civitas is a promising light, however it is also still early in development from the looks of things so it’s hard to tell how things will work out in the end. Still, I am hopeful. The blueprint seems right and it’s all going to come down to execution. If you would like more information about Civitas you can always check out the Kickstarter page or go to the official Web page (however, it is beyond sparse right now with the promise of more information soon). 

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