Wicked Fantasy – Over 300 pages of sourcebook for your Pathfinder (and maybe Dungeon World and Savage Worlds) game expanding the humans, gnomes and ratmen of your world

Wicked FantasyWicked Fantasy from John Wick and Gillian Fraser is on Kickstarter right now.

Wicked Fantasy is a sourcebook for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game that sets out to take 10 of the fantasy races and reimagine them. Those races, according to the Kickstarter listing, were the “humans, elves, gnomes, halflings, orks, gnolls, ratmen, goblins and goblins.” The pair have been releasing their reimagined races in PDF format over the last year, with part of the goal to show that the Pathfinder system can handle more than combat, including the addition of feats that apply to social situations in ways other than providing flat skill modifiers and the like. My favorite quote about Wicked Fantasy and the one that, to me, says the most about the project was this: “We didn’t want to make a ‘better Pathfinder.’ We wanted to add our own voice and vision to an ever-expanding game system.” The PDF for the humans is available for people to check out and the first thing I noticed was that this thing is 32 pages long and includes new feats, new archetypes and a ton of information about humans in general from their upbringing to their calendar to their economy. It strikes me as something that wouldn’t just be useful for those that wanted to use it in its entirety, but also to those that might want to think about ways to flesh out their own worlds better, considering things like economy and governance. Through the Kickstarter, where you can get additional information about the project, a copy of Wicked Fantasy in PDF format runs $10 and a hardback copy of the book, which runs over 300 pages, costs $60. One of the best parts? If the project reaches stretch goals it will also include additional rules for two of my favorite RPG systems: Dungeon World and Savage Worlds.

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