ICYMI: First Wasteland 2 Gameplay shows off the post apocalyptic RPG

Wasteland 2 from Brian Fargo and inXile was one of the first massive successes of crowd-funding. The original Wasteland was developed by Fargo and Interplay way back in 1988 and things have changed a lot in gaming since its release and now we get our first glimpse of how Wasteland 2 will adapt to those times. The video embedded above shows off the first gameplay from Wasteland 2, weighing in at over 17 minutes, and features an explanation of what is going on from Chris Keenan, the game’s producer. The video covers a lot of ground, including UI customization, the ability to import character portraits into the game, and – most of all – combat. Combat in Wasteland 2 will be a turn-based affair, with the system based on the one in the original Wasteland and Mercenaries, Spies and Private Eyes. A neat aspect showed off in the video is that, as you explore the world, detail text will appear in the dialogue box about what your characters see that might give you hints as to how to interact with the world. All told, the early gameplay footage for Wasteland 2 looks very nice, especially for fans of the classic Wasteland or the first two Fallout games. I’m definitely looking forward to seeing more about Wasteland 2’s progress as it continues development.

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11. February 2013 by Michael
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