There Came An Echo – A tactical isometric PC game with voice controls and Wil Wheaton

20130219-134845.jpgThere Came An Echo is on Kickstarter right now.

Iridium Studios is no stranger to Kickstarter. Indeed, their previous game, Sequence was previously funded and then, subsequently, released on Steam back in 2011. Now, Iridium Studios is looking to fund their second effort on the service, There Came An Echo.

There Came An Echo is still early in its development, with an estimated release date of mid-2014 (which is way closer than I feel like it should be). One of the most intriguing concepts behind There Came An Echo is that the game is built on voice recognition. The Kikcstarter entry states that the vocal dictionary is limited to “a few hundred entries” and will allow the player to order their squad around the map. You can also define custom phrases as alternates to the original phrases, which is a nice touch for those that might find the default phrases unnatural or hard to remember. According to the listings, your soldiers will also occasionally ask you questions regarding whether or not they should do certain actions (say, engage in combat) which you then answer.

The art on the Kickstarter listing for There Came an Echo is also promising, as the team currently is planning to use an isometric view and the concept art shown on the page has a pleasantly cartoony, but still somewhat gritty quality to it. Of course, There Came an Echo is still a work in progress, so all of that may change as the game is developed. The main character of the game is voiced by actor/nerd-do-well Wil Wheaton, and the game is set in a near-future science fiction world.
The final goal of the There Came an Echo campaign is $90,000 and, while there are stretch goals all the way out to $350,000, they are all currently hidden. A copy of There Came an Echo through the Kickstarter costs $15, and you can get more information about the game through the Kickstarter page as well.

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