The High Ways #2 Review – John Byrne, Leonard O’Grady

20130219-143237.jpgThe High Ways #2 Review Short Version: The High Ways has quickyl become one of my favorite books on the market. It is a well-told story with the hallmarks of classic science fiction. Well worth reading for sci-fi fans.

The High Ways #2 Writer: John Byrne

The High Ways #2 Artist: Leonard O’Grady

The High Ways #2 Review
John Byrne’s The High Ways #2 picks up as the crew of a freighter mysteriously called to a station in the middle of no where tries to figure out what is going on. Eddie, our main character, has seen something suspicious out on the frozen planet and things are definitely not right on the station. The High Ways is definitely a story in the vein of classic science fiction, part future technology part unknowable mystery and it’s a lot of fun for that. The story is filled with surprises and you never know quite where it is going next, but the main characters – the crew of the aforementioned freighter in particular – are easy to get invested in and the story never slows down for long, although it always does a good job of conveying what is going on. I’m enraptured and excited to see where The High Ways goes next.

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19. February 2013 by Michael
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