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Star Wars #2 Brian Wood Carlos D'anda CoverStar Wars #2 Review Short Version: Brian Wood’s Star Wars comic book run continues with Star Wars #2. It’s a much more evenly paced issue than the first one, a lot more deliberate, but no worse for that. As someone that gave up on trying to read extended universe Star Wars adaptations a long time ago, I am thoroughly enjoying Brian Wood and Dark Horse Comics’ Star Wars series.

Star Wars #2 Writer: Brian Wood

Star Wars #2 Artist: Carlos D’anda

Star Wars #2 Review (Dark Horse Comics, 2013)

The first issue of the new Star Wars series from Dark Horse Comics and Brian Wood was a fast-paced affair, a lot of action to kick the story off. The second issue has some action but, all told, it’s a little more deliberate in its storytelling. Han runs into some trouble on his way to the rendezvous and Leia meets with her chosen forces regarding their secret mission but the highlight of the issue for me is the scene of Leia reminiscing over her lost home. It adds a human touch to the series and continues to ground Star Wars in reality, such as it is. Wood also starts setting up Luke as brash and over-confident, something of a concern to his friend and squadmate Wedge. Finally, a decent chunk of the issue is spent introducing us to Colonel Bircher, who gained command of the Devastator after Vader was taken off of it. All around, it’s another great issue in Brian Wood’s Star Wars series. For fans of the source material, I can’t recommend this one strongly enough.

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