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 Savage Wolverine #2 Cover from Frank ChoSavage Wolverine #2 Review Short Version: Savage Wolverine #2 is probably the best thing to happen to the Wolverine character in a long time. Free of his need to be a full time curmudgeon for the X-men, Wolverine is freed up to do what he does best. Cho’s handling of the dynamic between Shanna and Wolverine is fantastic.

Savage Wolverine #2 Writer and Artist: Frank Cho

Savage Wolverine #2 Review

Savage Wolverine #2 does not pick up with Wolverine. Instead, Cho introduces another character into the mix (spoiler) with Amadeus Cho (who appears to be best known for being part of the Incredible Hercules run, although I did not read it – though I did hear a lot of nice things) appearing in a similar sudden fashion into the Savage Land. Wolverine and Shanna the She-Devil have their hands full with the denizens of the Savage Land themselves. While the issue doesn’t do much in the way of answering questions regarding what is going on in Savage Wolverine, it is still a lot of fun. Cho nails the pulpy narrative just right and the interplay between Wolverine and Shanna is fantastic. Cho writes Wolverine is extremely competent but not invincible and he and Shanna are forced to constantly watch each others’ backs. It’s a good dynamic as the duo stumble from one bit of trouble to the next in the unforgiving land that time forgot. I’m curious to see where things are going as they look for a way out of the Savage Land. Why were they brought there? What’s going on? I expect these questions will be answered going forward, but – for now – I’m just enjoying Savage Wolverine for what it is: a well-written, pulp inspired take on a tired character showing that there are still ways to write good books with characters that can be trite in the wrong hands.

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