Nova #1 Review – Marvel Now 2013, Jeph Loeb and Ed McGuinness

Nova #1 Cover (2013, Marvel Now!)Nova #1 (2013) Review: I don’t know a lot about Nova as a character and Jeph Loeb does a nice job of easing into the character, including the cast of supporting characters and the tone of the high action science fiction exploits that the Guardians of the Galaxy get into. A very good first issue.

Nova #1 (2013) Writer: Jeph Loeb

Nova #1 (2013) Artist: Ed McGuinness

Nova #1 (2013) Review

With Guardians of the Galaxy coming as one of the next Marvel movies, I figured I would take the opportunity from Marvel Now! and jump in on Jeph Loeb’s run on Nova. I am not at all familiar with Nova’s character. I mean, I know what he looks like and that he is one of the main characters in Marvel’s cosmic lineup. I know he has been featured in cosmic events like Annihilation that are extremely well thought of. But I really don’t know Nova (no-no-va?). So, the good news for people like me is that Nova #1 is a good place to jump in. Apparently, Nova is washed up. Or, at least, stuck on earth with a wife and kids as a janitor when he, you know, used to be an all-powerful universe protector. Of course his son thinks he is absolutely delusional, so we’re going to deal with that going forward as it turns out that the Guardians of the Galaxy are quite real. The writing is well done, with the scenes showing the banter between the Guardians of the Galaxy being especially good. It’s a setup issue to be sure with the issue mainly serving to introduce the premise of the comic, but it’s an enjoyable read and Ed McGuiness just nails the art – again – especially in the Guardians of the Galaxy asides. If you’re looking for a jumping on point for the Marvel cosmic line, this looks like it should be a good place to start.

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