New Airship Pirates and Laundry RPG supplements available in PDF form, Cubicle7 Store back up

Airship Pirates - Underneath the LamplightIn particularly good news for fans of the Abney Park steampunk-flavured roleplaying game Airship Pirates and the not-detergent-but-rather-modern-Lovecraftian-flavored Laundry RPG   (I know, I was surprise, too) since both of those games have new supplements available in PDF format. For The Laundry RPG, it is God Game Black a 128-page supplement that will bring the RPG up to author Charlie Stross’ The Apocalypse Codex which is available from RPGNow for $14.99. I honestly don’t know what that entails but, apparently, Armageddon, so that’s certainly dire. For Airship Pirates, it’s Underneath the Lamplight, a 240 page supplement detailing Abney Park’s steampunk world, which is also available on RPGNow for $19.99.

In related news, the Cubicle7 online store, which has been down for several days now is now back up and functioning for those that might want to buy PDF+print copies of said products (or any of their other games, I suppose), both of which are available there.

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07. February 2013 by Michael
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