Jinnrise #2 Review – Sohabi Awan, Tony Vassallo, IDW Publishing

Jinnrise #2 Review Short Version: Jinnrise is probably my biggest pleasant surprise of the year so far. The six-part series from Sohaib Awan and Tony Vassallo is great fun to read but asks enough questions about the characters and who they are and why they do what they do to not just be about awesome action of a Jinn fighting aliens, which is there also. There is less action in Jinnrise #2 than the previous issue, or maybe it just felt that way, but the character building is nice and Awan hits the dialogue just right. Just a great read.

Jinnrise #2 Writer: Sohaib Awan

Jinnrise #2 Artist: Tony Vassallo

Jinnrise #2 Review

I’m really, really enjoying Jinnrise. It was a comic that I had, essentially, no expectations of. One bought purely based on the premise (a genie versus aliens) and an awesome cover. I hoped to enjoy it for some awesome Jinn versus alien combat. And I do. Vasallo does a great job of making the characters, explosions and fights look spectacular. What I didn’t expect was how resonant the characters are. The relationship between Yunus and his Jinn Jabal is interesting and nuanced. The time spent humanizing Jabal is well spent. Jinnrise #2 helps, well, humanize the all-powerful genie. The rest of the characters are nicely written as well. Yunus’ uncle and Andrew have a nice dialogue and we get to learn a little about Jinn society. And, yeah, there’s some action here but my guess is that next issue will help meet your quota for Jinn versus alien action given how this one ends. All told, Jinnrise is a really fun, enjoyable series with well-written characters, a great premise and a nice mix of good dialogue and fun action scenes.

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26. February 2013 by Michael
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