ICYMI: Is Margaret Weis Productions teasing a Firefly RPG?

Firefly RPG Potential TeaserMan, in case you missed this, I somehow missed the teaser on the official Margaret Weis Productions’ web page teasing what seems to have a good chance of being a Firefly RPG. You may remember that they previously published a Serenity RPG based on their previous version of the Cortex System, which you would think would be the same thing as a Firefly RPG but it isn’t. At all. If my memory serves me correctly, they were limited to things from the movie of the same name, which is what they had the license to distribute an RPG based off of, not off of the TV show. As such, it would be a much bigger deal if they got the entire Firefly license. Of course, it could just be a return of the Serenity RPG, but – honestly – that seems unlikely given that the move has much worse name value and continued recognition than the TV show. In any case, I’m thoroughly intrigued. It’s all speculation at this point. Shiny.

As an aside, Margaret Weis Productions has also recently posted a teaser datafile for Nova from the upcoming Marvel Heroic Roleplaying: Annhilation sourcebook and is still running the Kickstarter campaign for their Cortex Plus Hacker’s Guide which will now contain a full-on fantasy version of Marvel Heroic which I find enticing. A lot going on over there.

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07. February 2013 by Michael
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