Hawkeye #8 Review (2013) – Matt Fraction, David Aja

Hawkeye #8 Review Short Version: Hawkeye #8 is another very good issue of the series from Matt Fraction. There’s a little less humor here than in some of the previous issues but, but Hakweye #8 is moving things forward with a bit more plot in the future and it is still a great, fun, dynamic read. 

Hawkeye #8 Writer: Matt Fraction

Hawkeye #8 Artist: David Aja

Hawkeye #8 Review

Hawkeye from Matt Fraction has had a weird relationship with continuity. It is not that the events of the book ever seem to break from the continuity but, for me at least, up until Hawkeye #8 the continuity never really seemed important. Sure you enjoy the dynamic between Clint and Kate more if you had read the whole thing but most of the issues (or the one previous short arc) you could have handed an issue of Fraction’s Hawkeye to someone and they would have gotten it, I think (maybe with just having read the first issue for setup). In any case, Hawkeye #8 looks to be moving the series into a more story-focused area. Or maybe it was going there all along (I think this is the case) and I just didn’t see it coming. Things are coming back up. And when things come back up for Clint Barton they are never good things. There are still funny moments in Hawkeye #8 but it is not as pointedly humorous as some of the previous issues. However, it is still interesting and looks to be setting up something bigger and is the first time the run of Hawkeye has started to feel like a continuous story to me. I’ll be interested to see if this is the trend going forward.

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27. February 2013 by Michael
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