Hawkeye #7 Review – Matt Fraction, Marvel Comics, 2013

Hawkeye #7 Comic Book Review. Matt FractionHawkeye #7 Review Short Version: Fraction brings Hawkeye into the real world with an issue devoted to what Clint and Kate were doing during Superstorm Sandy. It’s another great issue with a really nice emotional punch..

Hawkeye #7 Writer: Matt Fraction

Hawkeye #7 Artists: Steve Lieber & Jesse Hamm

Hawkeye #7 Review

Hawkeye #7 follows the adventures of both Hawkeyes – Clint and Kate – during the real world events of Super Storm Sandy, with Clint hanging out in Brooklyn and Kate down in New Jersey. Besides a little geographical rivalry, Fraction gives the issue a nice emotional punch as well as an inverted story structure that flips between the two characters. This issue also made me realize how much Matt Hollingsworth’s colors mean to Hawkeye as, even with two different artists who are not David Aja, Hollingsworth makes it all look like Hawkeye with his muted, cool color scheme. It’s a great issue low on superheroics, but high on regular heroics.

Hawkeye #7 Review – The part with spoilers

So, Kate heads down to New Jersey during Superstorm Sandy while Clint stays home in Brooklyn. Both stories are interesting, but I can’t help but thinking that Clint’s story of the process of moving on and realizing what’s important after the storm, that it can take away your things but not your life, was the better of the two. Kate’s story showed that sometimes the regular people are the heroes and it was good, it just felt a little light after Clint’s heavy story, which is probably for the best, just to have a change of pace.

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