Fairest #12 Review – Rapunzel faces her past

Fairest #12 Review Short Version: Fairest #12 is the beginning of the end for Lauren Beukes’ run on the Fables spin-off. It is bittersweet for me. Beukes’ run on Fairest has been one of the most consistently interesting comics for me over the last several months, and it will be a bummer for it to end in a few months. The bright side is that Beukes’ ambitions look to end much bigger than the start of the series, which has had a very nice growth over the course of the last several issues.

Fairest #12 Writer: Lauren Beukes

Fairest #12 Artist: Inaki Miranda

Fairest #12 Review

There is only one issue left on Lauren Beukes’ run on Fairest after this one. By the end of issue 12 all of the dominoes seem to be in place. The stakes have been established and Beukes’ has created a big conflict that promises to end her run on the spinoff in appropriate style. Still, that is not to say Fairest #12 is all set up. As it begins, Rapunzel still has to reconcile her past and what she did with who she is going forward, Jack is still being eaten, and some of the vast backstory of the Hidden Kingdom remains unrevealed. Looking back, I can’t help but be impressed by Beukes’ pacing, not just in the how the story grew from what was a very personal journey to Rapunzel to a massive conflict but also how she never lost sight of Rapunzel’s growth over the course of the run, resulting in a very satisfying arc on the way down. I’ve spoken highly of Beukes’ run on Fairest repeatedly over the past few months and I will do so again here: This is great reading for anyone that is a fan of the Fables universe. Honestly, it’s good storytelling no matter what universe it is in, the rare spin off that feels like an integral part to the series that it is expanding, not just a throw-away story, as is so often the case.


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12. February 2013 by Michael
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