Factorio – Build a factory SimCity style and protect it from aliens

Factorio Factorio, a game of alien fighting and factory building, is on IndieGoGo right now.
There’s something about the graphical stylings of Factorio I find charming. I think it is how much they remind me of the original SimCity, from the earth-tone pixel art to the big-block building placement. Factorio is also intriguing because of its rather-disparate sounding gameplay: part factory builder part alien monster fighter. Basically, in Factorio you are building a factory on an alien planet, “mining resources, researching technologies, building infrastructure and…” yep, here’s that part again “fighting alien enemies,” according to the IndieGoGo listing. Apparently the inhabitants of the planet are not thrilled that you are building your factory on their planet and will occassionally come to express their displeasure in less-than-friendly ways. The current alpha, according to the IndieGoGo campaign, includes two extra campaign levels, freeplay on procudurally generate maps, research, programmable signals for your favory, logistic robots and several different factory-y parts that you can use to assemble your … factory. I seem to have over-used that word. I regret nothing. In any case, it also includes weapons including rocket launchers and a flamethrower. If this sounds intriguing, you can always go check out the demo, which is available for no dollars at all. I haven’t had a chance to give it a go yet, so I can’t rightly tell you how it plays, but hopefully I’ll get a chance to give it a run here soon. If you would like more information about Factorio you can always go over to the official web page or go to the IndieGoGo page, where a copy of the game is availabe for 7€, which I understand to be some manner of monetary mark or the next.
€, which I understand to be some manner of monetary mark or the next.

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06. February 2013 by Michael
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