Exodus Wars: Fractured Empire – a miniatures game for PC – begins alpha funding campaign

Exodus Wars Fractured EmpireExodus Wars: Fractured Empire from Membrane Studios is a game that has intrigued me since I first heard about it during its initial crowdfunding campaign on IndieGoGo. Based on a miniatures game appropriately-titled Exodus Wars, Fractured Empire eschews the route of turning the game into something more action-heavy or akin to a realtime strategy game and, instead, opts to go with trying to adopt the miniatures game to the PC. The game is still in Alpha and has a long way to go before it’s a finished product, but Membrane Studios have now begun trying to alpha fund the game the old-fasioned way: by offering the game (and all pre-release versions) at a discount rate for those that are willing to wait for it to be done. Right now, Exodus Wars: Fractured Empire is available for $10 directly through the official Web site or for $10.19 through Desura. The listed price upon its eventual release is $30. I’ve played around with the current build a little bit and it’s definitely raw right now, with no sound to speak of, but the game moves quickly back and forth between players (it looks to be one player versus AI only at the moment). I don’t know how it might be done, but I would really like to see more feedback after an attack right now. There is transparency on attack rolls in the chat window, but I would like to see the mechanics take a bigger stage. For me, watching the dice roll and holding my breath knowing what I need to roll when I take the shot is a big part of the fun of these games. Seeing what modifiers are being placed on my unit (say, a negative for moving or terrain or what-have-you), what the target number is and how supressed units are impacted would be nice touches to get in eventually. Still, that’s certainly a minor quibble (and basically a cosmetic one, since it is just showing me what is already going on in the background) compared to gettign the game up-and-running, and the game is still very early in development so – obviously – nothing I saw is in any way necessarily indicative of what the final version of the game will be like. If you would like more information about Exodus Wars: Fractured Empire it is is available on the official Web site or on Desura.

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06. February 2013 by Michael
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