Dungeon Roll – A press your luck dice game of dungeon delving from Chris Darden and Tasty Minstrel Game

Dungeon Roll from Tasty Minstrel GamesDungeon Roll is on Kickstarter right now. 

Dungeon Roll from designer Chris Darden and publisher Tasty Minstrel Game is a press-your-luck style game where you take the role (roll?) of an adventurer going dungeon delving. It promises to include so many of the hallmarks of classic dungeon crawls: wizards, warriors, clerics, potions, monsters and – perhaps most importantly loot. Dungeon Roll comes with 14 dice, seven of which are party dice and seven of which are dungeon dice. Each player is given a hero and forms a party by rolling the seven party dice and then three dungeon dice are rolled to show what monsters you are facing that turn. You use your companions to eliminate the monsters (each companion type eliminates certain kinds of monsters) and then, if you are successful, face the dragon if there are enough dice in the dragon’s lair. Should you get to skip said dragon or if you manage to defeat it then you get to either get treasure or revive one of your lost companions. You then have to decide whether your party will continue to press its way through the dungeon or if it will run home with its loot in tow. The default game supports one to four players and you can check out the current rules prototype to read them for yourselves. For fans of dice games, it certainly sounds like a neat take on the press-your-luck mechanic with a nice theme and some cool custom dice. Plus the asking price is $15 with free shipping should you get it through the Kickstarter campaign.

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