Cubicle7 announces line of 11 Doctor Who RPG supplements covering all of the Doctors

Doctor Who Adventures in Time and Space RPG Supplement SetWhovian roleplayers rejoice. Cubicle7, makers of the Doctor Who Adventures in Time and Space roleplaying game, have recently announced that they will be releasing a series of supplements covering the entire history of Doctor Who. And I don’t mean just the New Who, either. I mean the entire flipping thing. Released in celebration of the 50th anniversary of the incredibly long-lived show about a well-dressed dude with a sonic screwdriver that travels through space in a phone box that is bigger on the inside, each celebration will be 160 pages and a montage of the Doctors will be featured across the spines. According to the release from Cubicle7 “Each book will take an in-depth look at an incarnation of the Doctor, featuring his companions, enemies, allies, gadgets and more. We will present each of his adventures, giving an overview of the action and themes, exploring how you can use them in your games. We’ll also give you suggestions for further adventures based on the events depicted.” So, how can you buy these supplements? Well, Cubicle7 is giving you options. First, you can go all in and get the entire set (plus the PDFs of all of the other 2013 Doctor Who RPG products) for $315.00, you can get just the early years books (the first six doctors) for $175, or you can get all of the PDFs for $175. The first book (covering the first Doctor, natch) is due out in April (the PDF is due in February which is, like, now) with a book coming approximately every other month thereafter. There is more information about the Doctor Who RPG supplements available on the official Cubicle7 page.

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21. February 2013 by Michael
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