Amelia Cole and the Unknown World #6 Review – Adam P. Knave, D.J. Kirkbride, Nick Brokenshire, Rachel Deering

Amelia Cole 6Amelia Cole and the Unknown World #6 Review Short Version: The best issue yet of Amelia Cole and the Unknown World. That’s not to belittle how much I have enjoyed previous issues, but Amelia Cole and the Unknown World #6 is great. I really love everything about this series, which you should really be reading.

Amelia Cole and the Unknown World #6 Writers: Adam P. Knave and D.J. Kirkbride

Amelia Cole and the Unknown World #6 Pencils: Nick Brokenshire

Amelia Cole and the Unknown Word #6 Review

Issue 6 of Amelia Cole and the Unknown World is the last issue of the first arc for the comic book from Monkeybrain. I’m said to see it go for a bit, but it couldn’t have gone out on a much higher note. Indeed, Amelia Cole and the Unknown World #6 is the best issue in the series so far. Amelia is in a fight with the Protector and only one of them can be left standing. Knave, Kirkbride, Brokenshire and company fill most of the comic with a well-paced, rather epic struggle between the two wizards that ends with … well, I’m not going to tell you how it ends, but it was certainly a great moment with a lot of impact. Beyond the fight, though, Amelia Cole and the Unknown World #6 is also building for the future with the last part of the comic setting up Amelia’s place in the third world going forward which should provide for some new conflicts and, I expect, test Amelia’s resolution to do good in her new home. It’s a great ending to the first arc, providing enough resolution and a big climax to make it all satisfying while setting up all of the pieces to ensure that Amelia Cole stays compelling in the future. For all of that, Amelia Cole and the Unknown World #6 does everything you could possibly want it to do and more. Amelia Cole and the Unknown World #6 is available from ComiXology for $1.99 (as are the previous issues).

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