Wildman from Gas Powered Games – A RTS/Action RPG mashup with user generate content

Wildman from Gas Powered GamesWildman from Gas Powered Games is on Kickstarter right now.
It always seems to be a little bigger deal when an established video game developer takes to Kickstarter to ask for public funds. And why shouldn’t it be? There’s an easy, knee-jerk reaction that these developers haven’t needed our money to make games in the past, why should they now? This, of course, ignores the fact that the publishing process in-and-of-itself has the potential to compromise creative vision. When you are making a game that needs to appeal to as broad of an audience as possible, there are a lot of pressures that have absolutely nothing to do with making the game you want to make.
The newest big-name to enter the world of crowd funding is Gas Powered Games (Dungeon Siege, Supreme Commander, Demigod). Gas Powered Games hopes that people are interested in what they are calling an “evolutionary” action RPG: Wildman. The name, at least, seems fitting, with the a barbarian raising an axe gracing the front of the Kickstarter page. So, what are they saying will make Wildman different? Basically, the game is a mash-up of action RPGs (think Diablo) and real time strategy games. As you level up there will be a number of skills and abilities that you can unlock for your character as well as new loot to customize your character.
From the description of Wildman, it sounds like you will control your eponymous Wildman in the middle of a war zone, controlling not just your single unit, but also monitoring things like your army’s tactics, technology upgrades, and constructing defenses. Outside of the RTS “War Zones”, the game will play like an action RPG, where you go dungeon-diving to get new skills and loot to bring with you into the next battle.
Modding has not been excluded from Wildman either, with Gas Powered Game mentioning web-based modding tools so that the community can get involved with making new content for the game. However, the fact that the game will have mod tools is not the news here. Instead, what is interesting is that Gas Powered Games is going the Valve route of having users being able to charge for the content they create (Think: hats). Gabe Newell said in a recent Nerdist podcast that he really felt like that would be the way of the future and it looks like the future is now so far as that front is concerned.
As always, you can learn more about Wildman on its Kickstarter page. In the meantime, I would love to hear your thoughts about Wildman in the comments. Do you think the project is promising, or just another action RPG? What do you think about the community store aspects?

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