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Walking Dead #106 Review Short Version: As good as The Walking Dead has been the last several issues (especially since issue 100), Walking Dead 106 really starts to hit the gas. Rick has realized to some extent what happened to Carl and isn’t going to sit back and take it, but the people back on the homefront are starting to show signs of boiling over as well after the news that Rick is rolling over to Negan. With all of that, The Walking Dead is as good as it has ever been. Just an amazing piece of work.

Walking Dead #106 Writer: Robert Kirkman

Walking Dead #106 Artist: Charlie Adlard

Walking Dead #106 Review

Every time I pick up an issue of Walking Dead, I really think that I know where things are going. I might have an idea where things are going, mind you, but I find that despite my expert prognostication that Robert Kirkman never fails to surprise me. Such is the case with The Walking Dead #106. I mean, with Rick furious at the loss of Carl to Negan and pressures boiling over at the base camp, I had ideas where things were going, but things are always just a little different, a little more intense that I expect them to be. In Walking Dead #106, after a few months of building the tense relationship between Rick and Negan, things are really starting to come to a head. Confrontations are starting to happen on both sides of the conflict and it looks like things are really starting to move. Still, the most impressive thing of Walking Dead #106 is that, when everything hits the fan at the end of the issue, the weight that things carry. The stakes in The Walking Dead are as high now as they have ever been and Negan is a monster that some zombies could never hold a candle to. With Carl in Negan’s hands, Kirkman has built things up such that you believe that he is truly capable of anything. The Walking Dead #106 is another incredibly compelling issue of a series that has been one of the best (if not the best) in comics for almost a decade now.

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