The Massive #8 Review – Brian Wood, Garry Brown, Dave Stewart, Dark Horse Comics

The Massive #8 Review. Brian Wood. Garry Brown. Dave Stewart. Comic Book Review. Dark Horse Comics.The Massive #8 Review (Subcontinental, Part 2 of 3 – ‘Schism’) – I have really enjoyed The Massive after it hit its stride about three issues in, but not a lot happens in The Massive #8 until the end. Brian Wood still writes compelling dialogue and its a series that always has you wondering what is going to happen next, but the whole thing is really built on leading up to the final page. 

The Massive #8 Writer: Brian Wood

The Massive #8 Artists: Garry Brown, Dave Stewart

The Massive #8 Review

The Massive #8 is very much an issue in a holding pattern. Oh, to be sure it fits the pacing of the series, with Cal locked up with no where to go and Mary going crazy on the communications apparatus of the Moksha Station. It’s all about building intensity and The Massive #8 has that in spades. It’s also an enjoyable read in its own right. As mentioned above, Wood does a great job with dialogue and that is no different in The Massive #8, especially with a former Soviet scientist that Mag and company turn to for help. It’s good for the pacing of the series, slow and deliberate, cautiously pulling at the strings of these characters, but with a big hit at the end of the issue that should make issue nine much faster paced.

The Massive #8 Review – Spoilers below here, so watch out 

As I said above, I really enjoyed the former Soviet scientist having his exchange with Mag. Their familiar banter made for a fun exchange. Still, the issue – in my opinion – is very much about the reveal at the end about Mary defecting and turning the Kapital over to the Moksha Station. It’s a good twist at the end of the issue, but I am doubly skeptical. Still, we’ll have to see what happens going forward, but my guess is still that it is part of a scheme to get them off of the island. I’m also expecting some excitement in the next issue with Lars deciding to build a depth charge to free the Kapital of the people surrounding it. Wood seems to enjoy letting tension build and watching things boil for a little bit, and The Massive #8 is definitely that kind of issue.

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