The High Ways #1 Review – John Byrne does the science fiction comic right

The High Ways #1 Review. IDW Publishing. John Byrne. Comic Book Review.The High Ways #1 Review: If you like science-fiction you should really do yourself a favor and check out John Byrne’s The High Ways #1 a grounded, realistic take on our spacefaring future, The High Ways #1 is a sci-fi comic much more in line with the classics of the genre than the science-fantasy action entries that have become increasingly common over the past few decades.

The High Ways #1 Writer and Artist: John Byrne

The High Ways #1 Review

The High Ways #1 from John Byrne and IDW Publishing is a science fiction comic well versed in the classics. In it, a young navigator begins his spacefaring career with a sudden change in plans that results in the crew taking a detour to a distant planet where things are not quite right. There’s a mystery brewing as to why the crew were called to the planet and the first place and what lay outside of the space station. It’s a comic book that reads like a book-book, heavy on well-written dialogue. John Byrne has created a very believable look at the world of living in space, with its long-distance flights, loneliness and other difficulties, but he also raises more than a few questions in the first of four issues. The High Ways #1 is science fiction done right. Grounded in our reality, but still exploring the world of what-if just beyond the periphery. If you like the idea of science fiction where the technology has not yet transcended to magic, people still need to wear bulky space suits, and everything seems utterly well thought out and believable, I would point you to The High Ways #1 with my highest recommendation.

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