Savage Wolverine #1 Review

Savage Wolverine #1 Review. Frank Cho. Marvel Now.Savage Wolverine #1 (NOW) Review: Wolverine is a hard character to right. Over the years he’s been badly exposed and – frankly – hasn’t had much interesting happen to him in a good, long time. Luckily, Frank Cho has come along with Savage Wolverine #1. Wolverine finds himself in the Savage Land with no idea how he got there and now has to survive to escape along with Shanna the She-Devil. Noir-style narration, fantastic art, Neanderthals and dinosaurs make this an extremely promising start.

Savage Wolverine #1 Writer and Artist: Frank Cho

Savage Wolverine #1 (Marvel NOW) Review

With Savage Wolverine #1 Frank Cho is already doing my favorite work I’ve seen anyone do with Wolverine in a long time. Part of what makes comic book characters stale is that they often end up in the exact same situations with the exact same friends and the exact same enemies. Luckily, Frank Cho has decided to do something different with Wolverine: Drop him in the middle of the Savage Land and make him fight his way out. Cho brings Shanna the She-Devil (a character that Cho has previously written for) along for the ride and goes with the Savage Land’s lost world theme with Wolverine’s noir-style internal dialogue. It all makes for an entertaining and promising start to a superhero book that doesn’t require you to know volumes of backstory to enjoy Savage Wolverine #1. The violence level is up a little bit for Savage Wolverine #1, with Cho not shying away from showing what happens when a guy with claws and a women with a spear go about doing what they do, but it is also not gratuitous. So far, I’m really enjoying Savage Wolverine #1 from Frank Cho and I’m excited to see where he heads with the series next as Wolverine goes deeper into the Savage Land. 

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