Saga #8 Review – Family time

Saga #8 Review Short Version: The world of Brian K. Vaughan’s Saga gets bigger and more interesting with every passing issue. I don’t know how many ways to say you should be reading this series, but you really should be in my opinion. Bizarre, fascinating and never boring.

Saga #8 Writer: Brian K. Vaughan

Saga #8 Artist: Fiona Staples

Saga #8 Review

Saga #8 concentrates on building two different relationships: the one between Barr (Marko’s father) and Alana – who is initially quite distrustful of her grandparents’ intentions towards hr child – and the one between Marko and his mother. There are other good comics on the market, to be sure, maybe more than ever before, but I’m not sure anyone hits the pacing and the dialogue as well as Vaughan and Staples (it’s not just the pacing of the words, but the pictures as well). Watching these two relationships grow and change, organically, over the issue is fantastic. It’s less ‘oh, I’m having these things happen because that is what is needed for the plot’ and more a natural interaction between interesting, fully-realized characters. Still, while Saga #8 is mainly a talky issue (As you can see above, not that it is any sort of complaint), it is not one that fails to move the plot forward, with the final four pages giving us two big reveals that should make for some interesting times over the next few issues.


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08. January 2013 by Michael
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