Roam – A co-op PC indie survival action RPG

Roam Kickstarter. Zombie Survival PC Game.Roam, a free roaming isometric survival action RPG, is on Kickstarter now.

Roam is a game that sounds like something I would love to play. It’s an action RPG (think Diablo or similar game) that takes a lot of queues from the MOBA genre. The game is playable with up to four players and puts you down the middle of a randomly generated, ruined world filled with zombies and asks you how you will survive. According to the Kickstarter listing, you have to get food and water to survive, construct your base and try to defend yourself the best you can. The problem: The world becomes more dangerous the longer you play, meaning you are facing ever-mounting odds even as your resources dwindle. Left 4 Dead 2 is one of my favorite games of the past several years and that feeling of being locked in with a small group of other gamers struggling against the odds is one that I would love to see tried out in different genres.

The Kickstarter listing promises that the combat will be skill based thanks to a precision-aiming system and that Roam will also include RPG elements like upgrades, crafting, equipment, loot and the ability to recruit new survivors into your community yoru stronghold to provide you with new bonuses. It’s one of those things that could go one of a couple of ways: It’s an awesome idea that at least has some nice looking prototype footage available (made in six weeks), but it’s also a tall order, a complex, massive game that could be tough to make, although they at least have the estimated delivery date set out in January, 2014. It’s such a good idea, and they have a really nice looking design vision going, so I really hope it’s the former. A copy of Roam costs $15 through the Kickstarter and includes beta access to the game as it is developed.

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28. January 2013 by Michael
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