Rivet Wars – RTS inspired miniatures game from Ted Terranova

Rivet Wars Kickstarter. Cool Mini or Not.Rivet Wars, a new RTS-inspired miniatures combat game from Cool Mini or Not, is currently on Kickstarter.

If any one company appears to have cracked the code of having a successful Kickstarter project, it is the folks at Cool Mini or Not. Just about the time one of the publisher’s campaigns seems to be wrapping up with massive numbers, a new one launches to similar success. The newest project from the miniatures manufacturer is Rivet Wars from designer Ted Terranova.

So what, according to Cool Mini or Not and Ted Terranova on the Kickstarter listing, makes Rivet Wars stand out? Well, first there’s the alt-history World War I setting with “crazy technology like walking tanks, diesel powered armor, unicycled vehicles and armor played cavalry.” Even if it had nothing else of interest going for it, Rivet Wars certainly appears to have a strong, appealing (at least to me) graphic design with a good, consistent aesthetic.

However, that is not all they appear to be banking on. Rivet Wars differs from many miniatures games by doing away with two teams lining up their whole force on opposite sides of the map at the start of proceedings. Instead, Rivet Wars takes inspiration from video game real time strategy games. Units are deployed each round and also have to focus on capturing resources to fund their stream of new units to continue fighting off their opponent.
Rivet Wars, like most miniatures games, does not come cheap. A copy of the game through the Kickstarter (which includes two starter armies) costs $90 and those at the $150 level also get two promotional figures and – it appears – access to the stretch goals. This is worth noting because, in the past, Cool Mini or Not has been aggressive with adding promotional figures with stretch goals. In fact, several stretch goals, including additional tanks, more vehicles and plastic bankers have already been unlocked. Each army comes with 19 units (I’m counting the turret as a unit) and the Kickstarter campaign runs through February 4, 2013.

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