New Avengers #2 Review (2013) – Jonathan Hickman creates a very modern superhero story

New Avengers #2 Review Short Version: Jonathan Hickman gets into the meat of his story after the Black Panther-centric first issue (which I thoroughly enjoy). The Illuminati must save the world, but they can hardly agree amongst themselves as they decide to bring the greatest force in the universe to bear against the end of the world.

New Avengers #2 Writer: Jonathan Hickman

New Avengers #2 Artist: Steve Epting

New Avengers #2 (2013) Review

The first issue of Jonathan Hickman’s New Avengers was almost entirely about Black Panther. And, really, that was the way it should be. He was the lone holdout of the Illuminati’s decision that they should run things behind the curtain the first time, so his decision to get the band back together was the most meaningful going forward. In New Avengers #2 we get a much clearer idea of the sort of cataclysm that is facing the Marvel Universe:
Spoilers It seems that the parallel universes that make up the various Marvel timelines are crashing into each other in a chain reaction which results in the literal crashing together of the Earths of those worlds. The only way to stop that reaction is the necessary evil of destroying one of the worlds. The Illuminati decide to harness the Infinity Gauntlet as a means to avoid that destruction.Spoilers done.

All told, it’s a compelling story with Hickman doing a particularly strong job explaining the theoretical dimensional physics behind the plot. The interpersonal struggles of the Illuminati and their chosen path forward make for a very promising future. As it is, in the present, New Avengers #2 is a great book that I’m excited to get to see more of going forward, trading the usual heroics of superhero books for power struggles among great mean making hard choices when faced with impossible questions.

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