Maze of Games – “A full-length, limited edition, hardback puzzle novel with over 50 puzzles and a deeply engaging story”

Maze of Games Kickstarter. Mike Selinker, Pete Venters, Elisa Teague, Gaby WeidlingMaze of Games from Mike Selinker and Pete Venters is on Kickstarter right now.

Man, I have to admit that Maze of Games isn’t the sort of thing that I usually cover. I mean, it’s not a roleplaying game, a boardgame or an indie video game. With that said, it’s such an awesome idea that I couldn’t avoid giving it a write-up. Selinker explains Maze of Games as a “puzzle novel – half puzzle, half fiction.” The story is thus: Two children in the late 1800’s are sent into a puzzle-filled maze by a skeletal figure. I mean, who hasn’t had that happened, you know? However, the maze metaphor doesn’t just apply to the puzzles in the books, instead, you have to solve each puzzle in order to find out what page you need to go to next. The game has been in development for 18 years according to Selinker, but the idea reminds me of shades of Choose Your Own Adventure Books (although the misordered pages are for puzzles-sake, not for choice) or the Professor Layton games. Neither is a perfect analogy, but it’s that sort of tangential familiarity combined with something new that I think makes The Maze of Games grab me so much. It’s got a really cool-looking presentation from artist Pete Venters, who gives it a very cool period vibe. The primary reward levels for The Maze of Games are the solvable ebook version ($20) and the hardback The Maze of Games book (I’m not so sure it wouldn’t kill me to write in the hardback book, though). All told, it looks like a really promising Kickstarter with a really unique, interest product at its core. You can get more information on The Maze of Games, including a look at some early pages over on the Kickstarter listing.

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29. January 2013 by Michael
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