L’il Depressed Boy #15 Review

The L’il Depressed Boy #15 Short Version: L’il Depressed Boy #15 continues Struble’s excellent relationship book. For this one issue, things seem to be going well for LDB, but things look like they are going to hit the fan next issue.

The L’il Depressed Boy #15 Writer: S. Steven Struble

The L’il Depressed Boy #15 Artist: Sina Grace

The L’il Depressed Boy #15 Review

Things are looking up for LDB in L’il Depressed Boy #15. His relationship is going well, but Struble does a good job of showing the difficulties of having a clandestine relationship, where even the most mundane displays of affection must be vigilantly fought against. Really, what makes L’il Depressed Boy #15 so good is how believable the dialogue is. The characters are believable (notwithstanding that one of them is a living ragdoll) as they try to make their way through the relationship pitfalls. However, not everyone is thrilled about LDB’s work relationship, so it looks like whatever ease there has been to the relationship so far will be shortlived. L’il Depressed Boy continues to be a compelling, heartfelt look at relationships, why they’re hard and the joy that makes them worthwhile.

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22. January 2013 by Michael
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