Interface Zero 2.0 reboots the cyberpunk Savage Worlds setting on Kickstarter

Interface Zero 2.0 Gun Metal Games Savage Worlds Interface Zero 2.0 from Gunmetal Games is currently on Kickstarter.

Interface Zero from Gunmetal Games is a gritty sci-fi/cyberpunk setting set on Earth very near the turn of the next century. The setting has already seen a previous release and several supplements, including books concentrating on topics as diverse as psionics, the city of Boston and combat bike racing. Now, Gunmetal Games would like to bring Interface Zero itself into the future with a new 2.0 version compatible with PEG Inc.’s Savage Worlds Deluxe.

If you’re not familiar with Interface Zero itself, it shares a lot of DNA with cyberpunk you know, as well as splashing in some ideas that are unique to the setting. Still there is the idea of playing those outside the system (“Ronin” in this case, using the Japanese term for rogue samurai) in a world controlled by corrupt corporations. Still there are the drones, the cybernetics and the computers. There are psionics in Interface Zero as well, plus a fair bit of Japanese cultural influence, including using slang words from the language as part of every day speech. There’s also a certain Blade Runner vibe in Interface Zero 2.0, the idea of sentient robots walking among people.

So what is that Gunmetal Games is hoping to add with a new version in Interface Zero 2.0? First, they’re using archetypes in the vein of Jason L. Blair’s Streets of Bedlam (a thoroughly worthwhile gritty noir-soaked setting also for Savage Worlds Deluxe). Interface Zero 2.0 also comes with the promise of new hacking rules, more gear and robots for your Ronin to use, lots of streamlined rules, more setting information, a plot-point campaign and a bunch of other stuff.

So, what do you get if you decide to pledge to back Interface Zero 2.0? Well, all backers get access to the playtest PDF once it’s available, those that pledge at least $15 get a PDF of the game once it’s finished as well as a character flats PDF (five more dollars gets you PDFs of all of the Interface Zero 1.0 stuff as well), $30 gets you some threats figure flats in PDF format as well and $50 gets you a hardcopy of the book, estimated to be out in July, 2013. If you’d like more information about Interface Zero 2.0 you can go on over to the Kickstarter Page or the Gunmetal Games web site.

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