Fairest #11 Review – The dark history of Rapunzel

Fairest 1. Vertigo Comics. Lauren Beukes. Inaki Miranda. Fables. Comic Book ReviewFairest #11 Short Version: Fairest #11 from Lauren Beukes and Inaki Miranda takes a step back from the previous issue. Not in terms of storytelling or art (both are still great), but – instead – tells us what happened to Rapunzel so long ago that she fears so much now. Beukes’ run on Fairest continues to be required reading for Fables fans.

Fairest #11 Writer: Lauren Beukes

Fairest #11 Artist: Inaki Miranda

Fairest #11 Review

Fairest #11 opens with Rapunzel in the Hidden Kingdom many years before. Beukes has been teasing that something horrible happened to Rapunzel the last time she was there, but in Fairest #11 she shows her hand completely, showing Rapunzel’s conflict with Ryogan in detail. The current plot of Fairest both doesn’t move forward at all (in terms of the timeline of the current events) and moves forward a lot (in terms of developing Rapunzel’s backstory and raising the stakes as we head into the next issue). Beukes’ work on Fairest has been – to this point – a wonderful mix of lighthearted, heartfelt and dark, but Fairest #11, as it dives into Rapunzel’s history in the Hidden Kingdom, takes a decided turn for the dark. It’s a strong storytelling move that serves to add impact to Rapunzel’s upcoming confrontation, leaving the last thing on your mind how bleak her past was, bringing weight to the reasons that she did not want to return to the Hidden Kingdom in the first place.

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