Fables #125 Review – Snow White’s past comes back around

Fables #125 Review. Bill Willingham. Comic Book Review. Vertigo Comics.Fables #125 Review Short Version:Willingham pulls Fables back into the main storyline after a detour of sorts. The first issue of the new arc, Fables #125 puts all of the characters in motion in an arc centering on Snow White and Bigby. A good setup issue that gets all of the pieces in place. We’ll see how it develops from here.

Fables #125 Writer: Bill Willingham

Fables #125 Artist: Mark Buckingham

Fables #125 Review

Fables #125 is the first issue of the new arc back in the main storyline of the long-running book, this time centering on Snow White. Fables #125 mainly serves to get the major players moving in their directions, with Bigby, Snow White, Rose Red, the Badger formerly known as Stinky, Beast and King Cole all get substantial face time in this first issue, which serves to get Bigby away from Snow (taking away her support structure) and then throwing a curveball at her. The banter between Stinky (yes, I am going to keep calling him that) and Bigby is also quite a bit of fun. Willingham likes to put the clamps on his characters, so I imagine things are only going to get harder on Snow White from here on.

Fables #125 Review: Let’s talk spoilers. Stop here if you don’t want to know!

I liked the tie-in with Rose Red for those who have been following along in Fairest It doesn’t effect the plot so much that it hurts anything (I mean, if you hadn’t read Fairest, you could easily just shrug and say, ‘Yeah, I mean of course she got an evil, blood-powered car’ because it’s not something so far out of the realm of disbelief for Fables to be jarring. On the other hand, it also is a nice little wink for those reading the other book. I also liked the move of getting Bigby, Snow White’s primary support, out of the way looking for the lost cubs before the reveal of Brandish and his claim as Snow’s only true husband in Fables #125. That should make for some interesting drama going forward, which looks to be the crux of Snow White’s discomfort in the coming issues. The great thing is that you don’t know which way it’s going to go. Willingham has a history of getting rid of important characters (as he points out during Fables #125), so we know he won’t be afraid to do something drastic again. In fact, I fully expect he will. That’s what makes Fables so compelling.

So, what did you think of Fables #125? Do you like the direction it’s going? What do you think is going to happen with Brandish?

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