Denali #1 Review – Jay Faerber, John Broglia, Monkeybrain Comics

Jay Faerber, John Broglia, Monkeybrain Comics, Denali #1 ReviewDenali #1 Review Short Version: Denali #1 gives us our first peak into a sword-and-sorcery world with barbarians, magic and a warrior named Denli who is on a quest with some real motivation behind it. A very nice-looking book with a ton of promise, it’s the easiest of recommendations for its $.99 asking price.

Denali #1 Writer: Jay Faerber
Denali #1 Art: John Broglia
Denali #1 Colors: Ron Riley
Denali #1 Letters: Ed Brisson

Denali #1 Review

If the idea of a well-drawn sword-and-sorcery comic book with interesting writing and an interesting story direction sounds at all interesting, Denali #1 is an easy recommendation. If The first issue of the new series introduces us to the world of Denali, showing us the barbarians, wizards and beastmen (for a start) found within. However, it also gives the characters a clear motivation at the end of the first issue. It spends the rest of the issue setting the tone with a nice mix of action and humor. Broglia does a great job working in some cinematic camera angles, which goes a long way towards making Denali #1 feel bigger than its eight-page length. Denali #1 is a digital exclusive from Monkey Brain Comics and is available from ComiXology for 99 cents. Have you read Denali #1 or do you have other thoughts to share? Why don’t you leave a comment!

Denali #1 Review: Talking Spoilers

I really like the pacing of Denali #1 a lot overall. It has a nice flow to it as Jay Faerber slowly tips his hand on the characters and the world while still keeping things briskly paced to get a lot of information into a shorter format. I know I mentioned the camera angles before, but I just want to reiterate my fondness for a couple of them, including the front shot of the caravan and the shot of the crow going up (there are other good ones, but those two just made me smile a little, showing a nice cinematic flair). Both Denali and the barbarians seem strangely underdressed for the weather, but I know that’s part of the genre so it didn’t bother me. I also liked the reveal at the end that Denali was looking for her son, which gives the series a nice emotional punch that these types of stories are frequently missing.

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