D&D Classics launches with PDFs of old editions. Discussing ‘your edition’ and what’s worth buying

Dungeons and Dragons Basic RulesSo, D&D Classics, the D&D store from DriveThruRPG/RPGNow is online and there is a wealth of material from previous editions of the best-known tabletop roleplaying game. Also worth noting, module B1, In Serach of the Unknown is free for the first week the store is open.

“My edition” of Dungeons and Dragons was the Second Edition of Advanced, one I now understand does not get a lot of love from a community that seems to favor the old Red Box or the first edition of AD&D. My experience with older editions is purely through retro-clones, OSRIC and the like, but wiuth the D&D Basic Set Rulebook costing only $4.99, I figure I’ll pick it up at some point just to give it a flip-through for historical purposes. Besides the old rulebook, however, it looks like the most popular items on the new store are modules (1e and Basic modules, mostly).

So, I’ve got two questions for everyone: First, what was your edition of Dungeons & Dragons and – if applicable – what modules would you suggest from the ones available from D&D Classics or do you think need to be added to the service. For me, I never played modules much, relying much more on creating my own quests. However, what I did love were the campaign settings, many of which are much-maligned for their metaplot that can leave little room for characters to have any effect if you’re not careful to complete ignore it (I have never quite understood this argument since you can pick up the plot at any time and just disregard everything that happened from there forward) and I would love to see some of the settings that I am familiar with but never got to pick up (I think I have the 2e versions of Forgotten Realms, Dragonlance and Dark Sun) like Birthright and Planescape added to the service.

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23. January 2013 by Michael
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